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Cars have to endure heat, UV rays, environmental pollution, and other factors that can cause premature wear and tear. A complete auto detail from PRO TOUCH will not only restore the appearance of your car, but will also help to preserve it from the elements, protecting your investment and its resale value. We customize our services to your needs, and will do our best to bring out the unique personality of your car.

Our interior cleaning, detailing, and restoration services can help you to recapture that new car look and smell and to protect your vehicle's interior from premature wear and tear that damages its appearance and resale value. Vacuuming and interior shampooing removes dust and ingrained dirt, and treatment of your car's fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces restores their luster and guards against cracking and fading.

Long Island weather can take a brutal toll on vehicle exteriors. Heat, UV rays, and environmental pollution are invisibly waging war on your car every day. The exterior detailing services provided by Pro Touch include an array of offensive and defensive weapons that will arm your car against the elements. Through waxing, buffing, swirl and scratch removal, tire dressing, and more, we will remove surface contaminants and bring that like-new shine back to your vehicle.



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